Absence of Law Is Chaos

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Law is the “science of justice”or the “Art of justice” as it is defined. Law is a system or a set of rules through which it ensures that an individual or a community is working in accordance with the will f the state. The law is created and enforced by social institutions or governmental authorities to regulate sole or collective behaviour. When we take a peek into the history what was the situation of a time where existed no law no regulatory authority, it was chaotic, barbaric and powerful was the law. Imagine today every law lapses, whosoever is mightier in the world would become the law. It is the Lawthat keeps the chaos in control.

Reality behind law and its importance

There is a misconception about law that it restricts us, laws do restrict us but it is for everyone. Without the law systems of the world will collapse. Laws must not be harsh for it will have an unsettling effect and chaos will prevail. With the advancement and progress in the world, there will be more laws and regulations to protect us and ensure our safety. Lawisimportant and in this context a debate is triggered between liberty & freedom versus safety.

Why do laws exist?

Laws exist due to 5 major reasons based on 5 significant reasons:

  • The Harm Principle: This principle is based on the idea of protecting people from pains that others can inflict on them. This category consists of violent crimes and property crimes without this principle the society degrades to a despotic one. The harm principle is a principle of utmost importance and almost every nation on earth has its laws based on it.
  • The Parental Principle: This principle is based on the concept of protecting people from self-harm. This principle advocates for the laws of children, like attendance laws against neglect of children and vulnerable adults, laws banning the possession of certain drugs, the laws written under the idea of this principle must be carefully enforced.
  • The morality Principle: These laws are usually grounded on religious beliefs. Historically most of these laws were connected to sex but in recent times some European laws on holocaust denial and other forms of hate speech appear to be influenced by the morality principle.
  • The donation Principle: All governments have laws with regard to this principle as some political groups in order to gainthe support of the religious groups make donations to them this principle is against them.
  • The Statist Principle: The laws under this principle are designed against the crimes of treason and espionage.

Law and order are directly proportionate, with the absence of law there never can exist order, and where there is order there is law.