Youth Anger on Climate Change and Crisis


Students want to do more against climate change and since January, they have been protesting in Kampala, at different locations, one week in front of a supermarket, another outside parliament, with a singular focus: climate change action. Youth climate, a movement inspired by Greta Thunberg, demands action, while hundreds of thousands of children are walking out of their classrooms for a global climate strike to tackle the ecological crisis, in more than 100 countries. They won’t be alone because in more than 100 countries thousands of young people are demanding that adults combat climate change through a massive wake-up call for CEOs.

UK pupils are walking out of lessons, feeling very angry because of the lack of climate action, as students protest during a ‘Fridays for Future’ school strike in Germany as well. Although some politicians objected, thousands of scientists have thrown their support to the idea of a climate strike as it’s provocative but in a right form of civil disobedience. Greta Thunberg is a Swedish activist who initiated the School strike and spoke at the United Nations Climate Change conference stating that no one is acting as if we were in a crisis, while green politicians keep eating meat using 100 million barrels of oil every day.

The young climate activist has tried to persuade the elite to take action through galvanized protests around the world, after talking to people in power at the World Economic Forum. Greta Thunberg has warned that the failure to tackle the crisis could amount to a human rights violation, while Kumi Naidoo said that children who demand that adults do the right thing is a consequence of the current inaction for future generations, so it is a moment for self-reflection. The school strikes led to young people taking part in 270 cities, for a coordinated day of action with walkouts from Lancaster to Ullapool, and Jake Woodier, which is helping to coordinate the strikes, said that there is need for urgent change among young people as well as schoolchildren.

There are no rules so we can’t save the world unless the rules are changed, and it has to start by understanding the situation and young people must hold older generations accountable. The teen activist speaks at school strikes where young people are expected to take to the streets in the UK with about 100 events involving schools, about the fact that young people have shown that they’re angry at the government in power, who are taking away our future. Young people are increasingly radicalized, understand the need to avoid climate change and want to do something, although there has been some pushback by climate deniers last week and the environment minister resigned after claiming the intelligence services held evidence that the children were being directed.

This target is sufficient for children growing up, but the EU needs to stay within the carbon budget and needs a minimum of 80 percent reduction including shipping, and not wait for the children to become the ones in charge.

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